As of this writing, there was a mass shooting in America less than 24 hours ago. That sentence could be 1) literally true 2) literally true no matter when you read this or 3) a set up to a truly dark and tasteless bit. So 1, 2, or 3? Well, 1 and 2, yes, and 3…depends? We guess? This got grim quick, doesn't bode well. 

One thing we love at Cracked is movies. A second thing we love is movies with guns. And a third thing we love is movies getting things wrong about guns. In fact, “reality is a bummer” is kind of a genre here. Especially when reality is racist, and the reality of gun control is racist, which is a bummer. And the reality of the NRA is a bummer for everyone! Everyone hates the NRA! Boy, we sure got away from movies. And didn't do a bit. Welp. At least we didn't say “gun nut.” Oops.

Oh look, here's an article we found about soldiers and respecting the troops


The Truth About Guns and Video Games

When it comes time to tackle tough issues in the wake of unimaginable tragedies, politicians are at just as much of a loss as we are. But it's their job to act, so they start throwing wild swings, hoping they're going to hit the right target but too scared to open their eyes to see where the punches land.

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