Two years ago we told you the tales of some of the most badass people lost to the annals of history. There was Peter Freuchen, the 6'7" Danish explorer who clawed his way out of an ice cave using a shovel he made out of his own feces; and Elmer Keith, who could shoot objects from hundreds of yards away with the accuracy of a sniper, except he could do it with a revolver, one of the least accurate guns you could use in long-range.

That episode was so popular and there were so many people we had to leave out, it was absolutely imperative we come back with more epic stories of incredible people you've probably never heard of. Just to name a few, this year, we have a crazy land mine defuser, a ruthless pirate queen and a gay revolutionary war hero who was half Rambo/half Santa Claus.

Co-hosts Jack O'Brien and Michael Swaim are joined by Cracked writers Alex Schmidt, Carmen Angelica, Josh Sargent and Tom Reimann, and comedians Ian Abramson and Blake Wexler. It's a heroic tournament-style podcast where one person will be crowned the ultimate unknown badass, winning a very special prize of our temporary respect and adoration.


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