8 Famous Movie & TV Locations (Ruined By The Fans)

There's something magical about a pilgrimage...but please don't ruin somebody's home doing it.
8 Famous Movie & TV Locations (Ruined By The Fans)

There's something magical about a pilgrimage. It combines a journey, a quest, and a vacation into one experience. So keep trekking to your favorite things, you wonderful people you. Just make sure you're avoiding the mistakes in this podcast's stories. Because on this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Dan Hopper (Ranker, CollegeHumor, The Washington Post) for a look at movie & TV locations that fans are pilgrimaging into oblivion. Discover the most neighborhood-snarling, pizza-chucking, monastery-crumbling behaviors in the whole world of fandom. Find out how one monkey's paw-style studio deal turned part of Spain blue forever. And find out how Viewers Like You can be more thoughtful toward Hollywood locations than the average 'Joker' Instagrammer.


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