7 Weird Jobs The Children Of Rich Maniacs Bought Themselves


Wealth inequality is more than an injustice. Because here's one way being alive is more interesting than people think it is: wealth inequality created a world of rich kids with infinite capital and finite skills. So on this week's episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by comedians/podcasters Kate Willett (The Late Show, 'Reply Guys') and Eli Yudin ('What A Time To Be Alive') for a look at the weirdest ways our world's failsons bought themselves professional careers. Listen for pop stardom, sports glory, and more careers you can try on like a hat if your dad is a dictator/mafioso/Bond villain inspiration.


Reply Guys podcast

What A Time To Be Alive podcast

Kate Willett's stand-up set on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Eli Yudin's Twitch stream

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Reply Guy (Know Your Meme)

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video for Googoosha -- "RoundRun"

Gulnara Karimova: Uzbekistan ex-leader's daughter jailed (BBC)

video for Melissa Plancarte -- "No Es Por Ti"

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video for EMIN -- "Got Me Good"

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Russian pop star linked to Trump Tower meeting cancels US tour (The Guardian)

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The Mobster Who Bought His Son a Hockey Team (The Atlantic)

Billionaire Heir Wyatt Koch Makes Shirts About Money (GQ)

Wyatt Koch Explains the Inspiration for His New Collection of Extra-Bold Shirts (Town & Country)

Koch's twin: He was my best friend, despite suit (Associated Press)

Howard Buffett's Border War: A Billionaire's Son Is Spending Millions in Cochise County (Phoenix New Times)

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