13 Eyebrow-Arching Hidden Movie And Show Jokes

The clever is coming from inside the movie!
13 Eyebrow-Arching Hidden Movie And Show Jokes

It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that movies and TV are stupid. They're some lowest-common-denominator horseshit that's been dumbed-down so elementary schoolers can follow them. Only, as it turns out, not. Movies and shows are loaded with incredibly clever inside jokes and shout-outs to other shows. It's almost like there are smart people behind the scenes, or something.

For example ...

13 Eyebrow-Arching Hidden Movie And Show Jokes
2016's The Jungle Book took something from Saturday Night Live into the jungle. While Louie (played by Christopher Walken) sleeps, Mowgli goes through
Lion King's Scar shows up in a grisly way in Hercules. When Hercules poses for he's a vase painting, wearing the lion skin he's known for In classical
STARGITE SG.1 Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter: The Stargate program just doesn't get the support it used to from the people in charge. 0 Jacek: Why not? E
In Scrubs, J.D.'s childhood living room is carbon a copy of the 8 Simple Rules living room. It was shown in flashback in which John a Ritter played J.
A mythological creature in Star Trek evolved from nickname a for Gene Roddenberry. r NPD SALN' Roddenberry was nicknamed The Great Bird of the Galaxy,
Charlize Theron's Arrested Development character used to look exactly like Theron in Monster. one year earlier... To show Rita (Theron) before her pla
Chicago Hope gave Mandy Patinkin's stage career a shout-out. On the show, a mental patient who believes he's Eva Peron says, I know you, to Dr. Geig
2014's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brings the comic's creators into the Turtles universe. The Art of Ninjutsu handbook that Splinter finds and that e
Two Apocalypse Now characters after are named important people in Francis Ford Coppola's life. General Corman Colonel Lucas George Lucas and Coppola h
Zootopid continues a joke started by Frozen. In Frozen, Alan Tudyk voiced bad guy the Duke of Weselton (who demanded people stop calling him the Duke
13 Eyebrow-Arching Hidden Movie And Show Jokes
Castle makes joke about a Nathan Fillion's Firefly role. For Halloween, Richard Castle (Fillion) dresses up in a space cowboy costume which looks just
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