25 Famous, Priceless Works That Are Gone For Good

At least we have copies. We do have copies of this stuff, right?
25 Famous, Priceless Works That Are Gone For Good

Did you know that just one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is still standing? Well, sure, that was the ancient world, nobody's expecting all that stuff to still be around. Besides, we're much better at preserving important stuff now, right? As it turns out, in a word, wrong. There are an appalling number of priceless, important, irreplaceable works that have been Homer Simpson'd into oblivion by humanity.

The original Peking Man fossils went missing at the onset of WWIL. Chinese authorities tried transporting them out of China for safekeeping, but the b
Between 1967 and 1978 the BBC purposely deleted hundreds of classic DOCTOR episodes. Since then, many have been recovered. But 97 still remain lost in
In addition to the 2,753 lives lost at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, numerous libraries and irreplaceable works of art were destroyed,
In Guangzhou, China, tombs older than the Bible were demolished to build a subway line. Archeologists carefully covered the protected, 2,200- to 3,000
Due to fire, decay, negligence, or deliberate destruction, TOIIO 75% of all American CRACKED.COM silent movies no longer exist.
CRACKED.COM Seven FABERGE EGGS ra ...were confiscated from the House of Romanov during the 1917 Russian Revolution. The multi-million dollar eggs have
When he was only 17, Steven Spielberg made an 8mm feature film about UFOs called Firelight. While looking for work, he handed over two reels of it to
The 2000-year-old Buddhas of Bamiyan were the tallest standing Buddhist statues in the world. Usingdynamite and mines placed at the head and feet of e
Picasso's 'Le Peintre' (The Painter) was lost in a plane crash off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1998. Only a fragment smaller than eight inches was eve
The Honjo-Masamune katana was lost during the U.S. occupation of Japan CRAGA after WWil. The katana was a rare confirmed work of the ancient swordsmit
Walter Chrysler's CRACKED G son, Walter Chrysler Jr., had a nude painting of a woman hanging on one of his dormitory walls. The dorm master thought it
CRACKED When Mitsubishi wanted to showcase its first production car, they had to build a replica from memory. None of the original 22 units are accoun
The Colossus of Rhodes, a 110-foot statue of the Greek god of the Sun, Helios, was destroyed by an earthquake 2000 years ago. To this day, its origi
CRACKEDcO Gustave Courbet's The Stonebreakersh was one of the earliest artworks to feature Realism instead of Romanticism. The focus of this paintin
Arie-l, Britain's very first satellite, was put into orbit on April 26, 1962. It was asaccidentally destroyed weeks later after the US military detona
A2300-yearold Mayan Pyramid in Belize was pulverized bya construction company SO that the crushed rocks can be used as road fill. The pyramid CAT 320C
For 600 years, the Great South Gate to the old walled city stood in Seoul. It was one of South Korea's greatest national treasures like an Arc de Trio
Most of Jane Austen's letters burned were after her death by her sister Cassandra. CRAtN This questionable because she's seems an influentialfigure. H
The Singapore Stone was a large stone measuring 10ft by 10ft located at the mouth of the Singapore River and inscribed with an ancient language that i
CRACKED COM We know that THE HISTORY OF CARDENIO was a play based on the life of Don Quixote, and performed in London in 1613. And we also know that i
Several Blind Willie McTell unissued recordings were thrown out from the RCA vaults as junk. CRACKED COM The responsible executive was fired not for
The Washington Crossing the Delaware painting on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art is actually a coPY. The original was destroyed in WII duri
In a major blow to science, the first 000 U.S. patents were lost in a fire. Copies of some were found, but most are forever lost, including the first
CRACKEDo COM Because of their use of easily degradable papyruses, everything ever written by the Phoenicians is lost. To have a bit of an idea of what
Burn baby! Wealthy businessman Ryoei Saito acquired Van Gogh's Portrait of Dr. Gachet for the record-setting price of $82.5M. Upon learning that his
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