Actors are mimics. They embody a character and envision how that character moves, feels, and speaks. They get into the character's head, developing their likes and dislikes, trying to empathize. If the character has a particular job, skill, or hobby, a good actor will take a stab at that profession, vocation, or leisure activity in order to better understand the role. Sometimes even the best actors screw up the little details.

Look, Ben Affleck can try to learn Russian or just fake it 'til he makes it. Some animators may not know how to play chess correctly. And someone probably did correct Steven Seagal at one point but he either ignored that person or yelled at the person while threatening to throw them as he ate a sandwich.

We want to thank Cracked readers and specifically lucy24 for gathering up all of these moments when a character or actor just plain messed up.

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