21 Moments Of Blind Rage Thanks To Entertainment

We can't wait for the day when people are destroying VR headsets out of frustration.
21 Moments Of Blind Rage Thanks To Entertainment

What is it about pop culture that triggers our primal instincts? From irrational anger to broken controllers and screens and other expensive equipment, there's something about our choices of entertainment seemingly betraying us that makes us just. Want. To. Snap.

(Shout out to Tomkat53 for the contest suggestion. We hope this helps calm you in lieu of anger management classes.)

When Shireen was burnt alive on Game of Thrones I began shouting at the top of my loungs: YOU KILLED HER! YOU KILLED HER! My friends asked me to leave
My friend played a high-scoring word in Scrabble and 0 got the dictionary out to challenge him. When I saw that aneurysms was a real word I heaved t
CRACKEDG COM SOURCE CODE MOON until 5 Got me teary it ended... minutes before But when the Deus Ex Machina happened I got So angry I began booing it.
ORACKEDcO The day HALO3 came out, my friends and 0 held a gaming session at my house. They ended up forming an alliance that insisted on killing me as
21 Moments Of Blind Rage Thanks To Entertainment
In League of Legends, Ihad a tactic to win games even if my teammates sucked. They changed the game almost completely specifically to stop people from
When I was a kid, I invited a classmate over to my house to play Mario Kart. He knew my favorite character was Yoshi so he selected him before I did.
It took hours of frustration to pass the TOWER OF BLADES in God of War... ...and cost the lives of FOUR Playstation 2 controllers.
how i CRACKED COM met your mother The character of Ted Mosby (eff Radnor) let everyone, including his so-called friends, abuse him SO terribly that I
When I was young, I was a big fan of Frankie Muniz and had a huge crush on Hilary Duff. I felt so angry and betrayed when I saw them hook up in the 20
(GRAGKSDOON I got so angry trying to pass the waterfall in The Lion King for Super Nintendo that I quit playing and haven't tried again in twenty year
JUST DANCE UST SWEAT SWEAT ororaml 2470 m VO thows completed V HAPPY JAZZY 4318 + CRAZY 7802 230.97 cal kk 4583 243.92 KCal 225.49 Iat uta Exerciset S
DARK SOUALS got me SO enraged that I started screaming at the top of my lungs. YOU DIED When my wife came rushing into the room looking worried to dea
I got SO pissed at how bad Metallica's St. Anger album was, I grabbed a hammer and smashed it to pieces. METALLICA SH lu SONGS OA O MUGIC ALT ne AEY D
When I was younger, I couldn't figure out how to get to the next warp room in Crash Bandicoot 2. I got so mad that I returned not just the game, but t
When I was 6 I read I'11 Miss You, Mr. Hooper, a storybook about Big Bird learning about the death of his friend Mr. Hooper By the end of the story I
Back when I was still playing Magic the Gathering, Tarmogoyf was considered SO powerful, it became a staple card in every deck regardless of archetype
CRACKED COM WRESTLE ANIA 25 TH ANNIVERSARY My best friend spent $60 on WrestleMania2 25 and about $45 more on food and drink for the both of US, After
21 Moments Of Blind Rage Thanks To Entertainment
ALMOST BROKE MY FIST BECAUSE OF FIFA. I went on a losing streak while playing online, and after each defeat I would start punching the wall out of fru

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