Let's face it, as much as we like to think we know the answers to everything, there are still some scenarios that remain a mystery to many of us.

But, hopefully, they shall remain mysteries no more. Our readers had some questions, and now we're looking to the comment section to save the day. Is our faith misplaced? Or will we be super surprised? (Please super surprise us, comment section.)

Entry by BillupsRobot

CRACKEDCON If I had the guts, I'd search for a tutorial on how to properly manscape a hairy buttcrack. Razors? Scissors? CLippers? I may never know.

Entry by Slammer13

When a girl accepts my request for a date, but then doesn't send me any clear signals of interest while on the date, I really want to just ask: Do you

Entry by jaoafallas

IF YOU HAVE A LAZY EYE, WHICH EYE SHOULD I LOOK AT WHEN TALKING YOU? It's a bit awkward to ask and it's such a small thing that I sometimes think that

Entry by Dr.Maybe

What do doctors do when they're sick? Are they allowed to write a prescription for themselves, or does another doctor have to do that? I've never want

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