11 Ridiculous Cameos By Real People In Their Own Biopics

These next-level cameos are some of the most delightful Easter eggs in cinema history.
11 Ridiculous Cameos By Real People In Their Own Biopics

We know cameos happen all the time -- celebrity buddies will pop up in each other's movies, or someone stopping by a film set will appear in a scene, or someone is just desperate for cash.

Then there are the times when someone will appear in a movie about about their life, resulting in a next-level cameo and a delightful little Easter egg. For example ...

In Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Johnny Depp plays Raoul DukE, aka Hunter S. Thompson, and during a flashback scene at a Jefferson Airplane show, he
In The Wire, Jay Landsman (played by Delaney Williams) is based on retired Baltimore County Police sergeant Jay Landsman Sr. ... ...who plays Dennis M
In Erin Brockovich, the title character is played by Julia Roberts ... ... while the real Erin Brockovich makes a cameo appearance as a waitress named
While Miles Teller plays David Packouz in the biographical comedy drama War Dogs ... .. the real Packouz makes a cameo appearance in a retirement home
In the TV show A Series of Unfortunate Events, Patrick Warburton plays author Daniel Handler's pseudonym character, Lemony Snicket ... .. while the re
While there are many real-life cameos to be found in the biographical drama United 93 ... ... the most notable cameo is that of Ben Sliney, the FAA op
In The Right Stuff, legendary pilot Chuck Yeager plays a barman at the Happy Bottom Riding Club... . offering whiskey to a NASA recruiter and an Air F
In Catch Me If You Can, real con artist Frank Abagnale Jr. plays a French COp... ... arresting his fictional self in a twist of irony. The biopic chro
In Oliver Stone's 1991 thriller JFK, the real District Attorney and conspiracist Jim Garrison ... .s. plays Chief Justice Earl Warren, the man who pub
While Woody Harrelson plays Hustler creator Larry Flynt in The People VS. Larry Flynt... wisH WAS MORNISSEY the real Flynt plays the judge who sentenc
In The Wolf of Wall Street, the real Jordan Belfort gives a cameo performance at a conference ... elcc ... ultimately introducing his new and improved


Zanandi Botes makes cameos of her own on Twitter. Andrea Meno doesn't do social media, but maybe you can reach her by banging coconuts together or something.

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