29 Historical Nitpicks In Movies


By far some of the most unsung heroes of filmmaking are costume designers. Actors provide the faces, but costume designers provide the looks. Would Darth Vader be half as scary without his mask? Would Mos Eisley be half as nefarious without a literal Satan hanging around listening to jizz music? But that's a mythological sci-fi world. We're here today to talk about historical epics. War movies, sword and sandals epics, and even slapstick comedy where a moron stumbles through 20th century American history—all of those take plenty of liberties with what historians call “primary sources.” 

For whatever reason, filmmakers love to mess with the space-time continuum in their own films. Sure, it's all in the service of artistic and poetic license, but come on! This is the internet! From wrist watches to beach umbrellas, our readers compiled the most glaring historical inaccuracies Hollywood has ever produced. Winner got 100 bucks ...

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