19 Perspective-Shifting Historical Details


It's not secret things used to be different in ancient times. Hell, not even ancient times, things were different in what Americans think of as olden times or British people think of as “the plague centuries.” Sure, it seems like technology is moving at a rapid piece. We all know that one guy who's still holding out on getting a smartphone, but can you imagine the first guy who thought the aqueduct was too far?

For instance, did you that instead of soap, Ancients bathed using olive oil and then scraped it off their skins? Did everyone just walk around smelling like a pizzeria instead of the manly scent of horseback reading on a beach while baking a cake? How did we make it this far in life? We asked our readers to bring to light some facts that show us why we should truly be happy we're alive and comfortable today. Winner got 100 bones ...

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