27 Ordinary Things That Look Horrifying Under A Microscope

Under the microscope is a world of terror.
27 Ordinary Things That Look Horrifying Under A Microscope

Science has helped us learn many incredible things about ourselves and this planet. Science has also helped us learn about many really terrifying things as well.

Take, for instance, the microscope which is actually just a gateway to untold horrors.

(As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.)

These aren't Super Mario piranha plants. It's a squid. That squirming mass of bitey mouths is a microscopic view of the suction cups on squid tentacle
This looks like a sci-fi landscape. It's a cigarette. The blue crystals on cigarette paper are an additive that helps keep the cigarette lit, because
This looks like the trunk of a palm treeo It's an eyelash. Those little orange things are the mites that live on your eyelashes and eat dead skin cell
This isn't a rock collection. It's sand. Put beach sand under a microscope and you can see that it's made up of shells that have been ground into powd
This looks like a walrus in a sweater. It's a maggot. Yeah, you already knew that maggots weRE creepy. But under an electron microscope, they're full-
Where can you find these monsters? Your pillow. They're dust mites, and they feed off your dead skin cells. A typical mattress contains between 100,00
This creature isn't from outer space. But it could be. That microscopic critter is a water bear, and holds the distinction of being the only known cre
This isn't a bird or anything feathered. It's vitamin C. Turns out the vitamin that your mom 50 N mg REALLTH megadoses on to keep 60 from getting sick
It makes sense that this looks gummy. It's on your teeth. That's plaque, which is made up of bacteria and bacterial products, which is the pleasant
This rocky crag looks treacherous. It's your tongue. The human tongue is covered in tiny spikes called filiform papillae. They sense pressure and help
This is exactly what it looks like. It's snow. Even when it's viewed under an electron microscope, snOW still looks like snowflakes. Construction pape
This is appropriately bitey-looking. It's a shark. Specifically, it's the shark's skin. Those tiny scales are fittingly called denticles, and they hel
These aren't alien egg pods. It's a strawberry. Those golden egg-like structures are actually the strawberry pips, which are called achenes. They're t
This is not a portal to hell. It's a pore. It's a colored scanning electron microscope shot peering through a human sweat gland - from the inside.
This is not a fungal cancer cell. It's a Pop-Tart. This closeup is the work of photographer Caren Alpert, who wants people to see the messed-up chemic
This feathery coil is a tongue. It's on a moth. Not all moths have elongated tongues, but those who do use them to snag nectar from deep within flower
This is not a cave painting. It's coffee. It's how your morning coffee looks under a microscope. And possibly how your brain feels before you drink it
This looks like it's straight out of Duneo It's a hummingbird. Technically, that's a hummingbird's tongue. They're long and grabby so they can get nec
This looks kind of like pasta, right? It's fertilization. Granted, this is a microscopic view of in vitro fertilization, but this is how sex looks fro
This looks like a crystalline flower. It's aspirin. SPIR It's a color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph of a single grain of aspirin. A
This creature wants to hug you with its face. It's an ant. Specifically, it's a flying ant, which are the breeders in an ant colony. Their sole purpos
You're smart to be nervous about this. It's a mosquito. That sharply barbed tube is the mosquito's proboscis, which it uses to impale you and drink yo
This is definitely staring at you. It's a cocktail. Specifically, that's a drop of vodka tonic, dried out and viewed at 1.000x magnification. Those cr
This isn't Supes Fortress of Solitude. It's asbestos. It's easier to understand how this stuff shreds people's lungs when you see how metal it looks u
This crazy confetti is all over your house. It's dust. That's microscopic chunks of pet hair, carpet fibers, pollen, insect scales, and other househol
This critter looks oddly beautiful. It's a flea. Specifically, it's a colored scanning electron micrograph. So the fleas on your dog probably aren't t
This looks like a lake in a canyono It's your eyeball. This is a real photograph of a human eye, via electron microscope. The blue part is the pupil,

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