The 18 Greediest Things Done By The Gaming Industry

Game developers really like to make money. Shocking, we know.
The 18 Greediest Things Done By The Gaming Industry

We have some news that may shock you: Game developers aren't in the business of bringing you joy, they're in the business of making money. As such, they'll find any way possible to take as much money as possible off of the rubes of the video game world.

For example ...

HEARTHS TONE HEROES O WARCRAFT THE PROBLEM Your deck sucks and everyone keeps stomping you with their Legendary cards. The SOLUTION: Buy Card Packs ME
STACKER IS STACKED AGAINST YOU. TASEF You've seen this game around. Stack blocks, make it to the top, and win an Apple Pencil or whatever. Pure skill,
When Warner Bros. released LEGO STAR WARS: THE COMPLETE SAGA as a free download for the iPhone, it was far from complete. The download contains only E
The Wii version of FIFA 13 was a rebranded copy of FIFA 12 sold at full price and marketed as a new game. FIFA 12 EA updated the rosters, and that's i
SmeSos e is a mobile game that lets you TAPPED OUt create your very own version of Springfield But some characters and iconic buildings can only be pu
AES PHANTASTA OF In order to push $2 Miracle Orbs -items that revive your character in the Tales of Phantasia iOs port-Bandai Namco made some change
STAR WARS TH BATTLEFRONTTH SEA5ONPASS Expand Your Galaxy RE-ORDER NOW BATTLEFRONT Get four upcoring exrasion packs filnd we $49.99 new content twook e
CRNOT Final Fantasy AlL The Brauest is set up to etort euErY penny it Can. Perhaps the nost egregious tactic s charging $1 apiece to unlock the titola
EVOL V Evolve launched with If you bought it expecting the misleadingly titled it to cover the game's Hunting Season Pass major DLC, well... priced
HEY! Build your own IDINOSAUR PARK! JURASSIC PARK -BUILDER GET THE TYRANNOSAURUS Oh, it doesn't come with the T-Rex from the picture. But you can OFF!
theHunter theHunter is a hunting simulator that YOU can technically play for free, but good luck with that because virtually EVERYTHING costs real mon
EA's Tetris app, aside from being completely ad-ridden, has an optional $30 subscription that makes the other microtransactions cheaper. 12 Month T-Cl
Gameloft's My Littie Pony game for mobile devices is, by the company's own admission, marketed toward young girls. This didn't stop them from making t
Don't have enough gold for buying items in Gaia Online's marketplace? You can either: FLYNN'S Pile of Gold BOOTY Buy a gold generator with real-life m
THE PHAITOM PAIN TACTICAL ESPIONAGE OPERATIONS Metal Gear Solid comes with a crazy amount of mobile- microtransactions. You can buy gemS Mother Base
If you're tired of the ridiculous armor in TERA Online, you can always spend money on costumes! $8.95 $12.95 $14.95 $14.95
Wanna procrastinate? It's gonna cost you. Starting in 1990, Microsoft RE included Solitaire as a standard Windows feature. People grew up with it. It

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