23 Eyebrow-Arching Time Spans Side By Side


Time spans by themselves may seem pretty mundane -- but when placed side by side, you really start see the grand (or not so grand) progress our little planet has made. We asked you to show us some time comparisons that make you stop and say "Great Scott." The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Edvamp

A second can be an eternity Planck Time is the shortest unit of time possible. It is the time it takes light in a vacuum to cross one Planck Length (t

Entry by Nirgal

CRACKED.COM Going 24/7, this is how long it would take to watch these shows: Simesons. te Almost nine days. GUIDINGLIGHT Around sixteen months. (Both

Entry by Nirgal

The shortest estimation for the lifespan of the universe is 33*(10^9) years, in a Big Rip scenario. The longest estimation is 10(10^120) years, in a H

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