24 Insane Ways Game Of Thrones Is 'Based On A True Story'

It turns out George R.R. Martin maybe knew a thing or two about history, and you can actually learn something between all the death and incestuous sex.
24 Insane Ways Game Of Thrones Is 'Based On A True Story'

We like to advocate often that you don't turn to pop culture for your education. While you probably think you're gleaning some cool knowledge, truth is you're just developing a crippling addiction to Netflix and an unhealthy obsession with Neil Patrick Harris.

Unless you watch a lot of Game Of Thrones, because it turns out George R.R. Martin maybe knew a thing or two about history, and you can actually learn something between all the death and incestuous sex.

In Game of Thrones, Tyrion U8E8 WILDFIRE To repel Stannis Baratheon in the Battle of Blackwater Bay, and protect King's Landing. yaekoumooktagtpwvoxou
Looking for a WARMI CAVE ir THE srOW where the water's steamy even when it's snowing? The cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte get cozy in Game of Thrones
In Game of Thrones, TORTURE BY BOoy- GNAWING RAt is an interrogation method. This same technique was used by Diederik Sonoy, an ally of William the Si
In Game of Thrones, WintER ig CominG figuratively, yes, but also literally- after centuries of warm weather. That actually happened in medieval Europe
In Game of Thrones, THE LANOISTER8 ANO THE STARKS are feuding royal families with a convoluted, violent history, vying for the Iron Throne. Their name
In Game of Thrones, OLd VALYRIA is a long-dead city of wonder that was once the capital of a great empire. It's a lot like Ancient Greece. Both were p
In Game of Thrones, DAENERYS TARGARYEN is Mother of Dragons and Queen of the Andals and the First Men, and as Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, plan
In Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo POURS MOLTEN GOLd over the head of Viserys Targaryen, killing him. History is actually more gruesome. Centuries ago, th
In Game of Thrones, THEON GREYjOY is surrogate brother to Robb Stark, and one of his most trusted advisors during the War of the Five Kings. Theon bet
In Game of Thrones, ROBB STARK REFUSES to MARRY one of the daughters of House Frey. Instead, he weds a battlefield nurse from outside of Westeros. Tha
In Game of Thrones, Stangis BARATHEON is a plainspoken man who establishes his reputation on the battlefield, then becomes king. He's a lot like Olive
24 Insane Ways Game Of Thrones Is 'Based On A True Story'
In Game of Thrones, THE RE WEOdING is a massacre where King Robb, his queen, his mother, and most of his men-at-arms are murdered. Author George R.R.
In Game of Thrones, THE RED FaitH is a religion where Red Priests worship R'hllor, and use fire as a medium for prayer and prophesy. In Ancient Persia
In Game of Thrones, THE REO KEEP serves as King's Landing's primary fortress and redoubt, and its gate can hold back armies. FORT ICAIOLI The real gat
In Game of Thrones, WEStERO8 is the continent unified under the Seven Kingdoms, and ruled by the Iron Throne. Ne Carie Middlesbrouch ENGLAND CH Leeds
In Game of Thrones, MLELISANORE is HARO to KILL. She's the Red Priestess of R'hllor, who turned her sexual magnetisim and magic into political influen
In Game of Thrones, LYANNA STARK is KIOApPEd by Rhaegar Targaryen. Stories of her taking and rape triggered Robert's Rebellion. As a result, Robert Ba
In Game of Thrones, KinG's LANOING is the site of the Iron Throne and the Red Keep, and was attacked during Robert's Rebellion, when Lord Tywin Lannis
In Game of Thrones, THE Wall is an enormous fortification that spans the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms. There have been many similar walls bui
In Game of Thrones, JOFFREY is a villainous boy king who comes to a sticky end. He's a lot like Richard II, who ascended to the throne of England at t
In Game of Thrones, BRIENIE FiGHt8 A8 A KNIGHt. She's tall and strong, and rejected a life at court to become a warrior and knight. She and Joan of Ar
In Game of Thrones, THE DOtHRAKI ARAKH is a bizarre hybrid of a sickle and a SWorD. The ancient Egyptians used a similar weapon called a khopesh. The
In Game of Thrones, CERSEI 8LEEP8 WItH HER BROTHER Cersei Lannister is the Dowager Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Her twin brother Jaime is secretly the


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