24 'True Story' Oscar Movies That Ignored The Truth

Come on, 'Braveheart,' get your centuries straight.
24 'True Story' Oscar Movies That Ignored The Truth

Look, we all know by this point that Hollywood takes some creative liberties when it comes to attempting to tell a "true" story. Some things you just need to change a little or omit for story flow and character arc purposes.

But then there are those films -- like the ones we cultivated here with master image manipulator AuntieMeme -- where it seems almost criminal to preface them with "Based On A True Story." It's like they said “Let's just take this story and slather it with screenwriting conventions and tricks to get people's butts in the seats and we'll tweet our way through any fallout later.” Not a bad strategy - it seems to work for any other public figure who gets in hot water. 

But we expect more for twenty bucks or whatever it costs these days to go to a theater. We're talking about offenders and movies such as ...

THE OSCAR NOMINEE The Revenant is the story of Hugh Glass' revenge against the men who killed his son. REALITY THE Hugh Glass never had a son. And whi
THE OSCAR WINNER Rose survives the sinking of the Titanic, despite the bungling efforts of the crew. REALITY THE In truth, the Titanic officers rescue
THE OSCAR WINNER Gandhi collected 8 Oscars in 1983. REALITY THE And completely left out Gandhi's pervy sleeping habits. Despite the fact that he took
THE OSCAR WINNER In The Theory of Everything, Stephen and Jane drift apart but remain friends. REALITY THE In truth, Hawkings' divorce was bitter and
THE OSCAR WINNER At the beginning of Fargo, the characters state that it's a true story. REALITY THE There's not one shred of evidence to support that
THE OSCAR WINNER 12 Years a Slave ends by saying that details about Solomon's death are unknown. REALITY THE The fact is, Solomon Northup straight-up
THE OSCAR NOMINEE In Steve Jobs, the titular character is portrayed as the savior of Apple. REALITY THE But Jobs nearly sank the company. As part of h
THE OSCAR WINNER In The Sound ofMusic, the grumpy, hard-nosed captain learns to enjoy music. REALITY THE But Georg von Trapp was a sweet man Who loved
SO03 D THE OSCAR WINNER LAAF'E Schindler's List is about a man who saves over 1,000 Jews from the Nazis. REALITY THE As it turns out, there was no 'S
THE OSCAR WINNER The WWII biopic Patton was filled with epic, energetic battle scenes. REALITY THE Where Axis and Allied forces drove the same tanks.
THE OSCAR WINNER In Monster, Aileen Wuornos is tied up, beaten and raped. REALITY THE The real Wuornos says that never happened. Charlize Theron won B
THE OSCAR WINNER In Mississippi Burning, the FBI sends two agents to investigate the killings of three civil rights workers. REALITY THE The FBI actua
THE OSCAR NOMINEE In Best Picture nominee Bridge of Spies, Gary Powers is imprisoned and tortured. REALITY THE The real Powers was treated well by the
THE OSCAR WINNER Lawrence of Arabia is the story of a British army officer who leads a revolt. REALITY THE Arab countries were SO revolted by the film
THE OSCAR WINNER Gone with the Wind is set in Georgia against the backdrop of the Civil War. REALITY THE Yet it gets the date of the end of the war wr
THE OSCAR WINNER In Best Picture Gladiator, Maximus duels and kills Commodus in the arena. REALITY THE The real Commodus was killed in the bath by a w
THE OSCAR WINNER In Erin Brockovich, everyone is delighted at the end of the trial. REALITY THE But the actual plaintiffs were far from satisfied. Rea
THE OSCAR NOMINEE The Danish Girl is the story of one of the first recipients of gender reassignment surgery. REALITY THE But the movie misrepresents
THE OSCAR WINNER In Chariots of Fire, Lindsay swaps places with Liddell, who won't run on Sunday. REALITY THE The reall Liddell swapped events ahead o
THE OSCAR WINNER Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her portrayal of the woman who adopted Michael Oher and changed his life. mressport/Getty mages REALI
THE OSCAR WINNER In Bravebeart, William Wallace wore distinctive, blue warpaint on his face. REALITY THE The real Wallace would never have used it. Th
THE OSCAR WINNER In A Beautiful Mind, Jobn Nash uses his Nobel acceptance speech to thank his wife. REALITY THE Nash was not invited to give a Nobel l
THE OSCAR WINNER In Best Picture Argo, the Americans save the day. THANK YOU CANADA REALITY THE In reality, it was Canada that pulled off the rescue.
THE OSCAR WINNER In Amadeus, Mozart is a goof who was fiercely envied (and probably killed) by Salieri. REALITY THE But Mozart and Salieri had a respe

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