24 'True Story' Oscar Movies That Ignored The Truth

24 'True Story' Oscar Movies That Ignored The Truth

Look, we all know by this point that Hollywood takes some creative liberties when it comes to attempting to tell a "true" story. Some things you just need to change a little or omit for story flow and character arc purposes.

But then there are those films -- like the ones we cultivated here with master image manipulator AuntieMeme -- where it seems almost criminal to preface them with "Based On A True Story." It's like they said “Let's just take this story and slather it with screenwriting conventions and tricks to get people's butts in the seats and we'll tweet our way through any fallout later.” Not a bad strategy - it seems to work for any other public figure who gets in hot water. 

But we expect more for twenty bucks or whatever it costs these days to go to a theater. We're talking about offenders and movies such as ...

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