23 IRL Mad Scientists Deleted From History Books

When you want a woolly mammoth, the Russian mob is your first stop.
23 IRL Mad Scientists Deleted From History Books

Hey science is great, you know? It's given us lots of wonderful things like the human genome and peanut butter cups. But clearly, at some point, the pressure just gets to the great thinkers of the world. We feel you, scientists -- sometimes life pushes you to the snapping point, so you just kind of say "Screw it" and go rogue on the whole process.

That's why we teamed up with photo scientist AuntieMeme to create this tribute to some scientists who reached the point of zero fucks given. Because even crazy people deserve a shout out every now and again.

Doctors performed a SeX change on a baby So that psychologist John Money could study the influences on gender identity. The boy, David Reimer, was one
23 IRL Mad Scientists Deleted From History Books
Michael Persinger invented a helmet to see God. It's a modified snowmobile helmet that applies magnetic fields to your parietal and temporal lobes. Mo
Penn State scientists tried to get a turkey to mate with a severed head. They started out offering male turkeys models of female turkeys, to see if th
23 IRL Mad Scientists Deleted From History Books
Giovanni Aldini had a traveling corpse reanimation show. He was a 19th century Italian physicist who traveled Europe with what amounted to a science c
Wilhelm Reich collected sex energy. He believed that sex generated a magical energy he called orgone energy. He built metal boxes called orgone accumu
Sidney Gottlieb dosed strangers with LSD. Gottlieb was an American military psychiatrist who worked with the CIA during the Cold War. Gottlieb headed
Researchers gave meth to sheep, then tased them. They wanted to find out whether it's safe to use a taser on people who are on meth, SO they used shee
Dr. Henry Head severed his own nerves. Specifically, he snipped the nerves in his arm, so he could experience firsthand (heh) what it was like. Over a
Hwang Woo-Suk really wants to clone a woolly mammoth. He's a Korean scientist doing stem cell research. LOST WORL AMMOTHDARK And he doesn't mind commi
Robert J. White transplanted one monkey's head to the body of another monkey. The frankenmonkey survived, but was paralyzed. Severing the spinal cord
Harry Harlow was cruel to monkeys. He wanted to study love, and he decided the best way to do So was to withhold it from baby monkeys. Among the tortu
NASA scientists gave drugs to spiders. Then they looked at their webs. Spiders on marijuana wove half their webs, then wandered off. Spiders on Benzed
J.B.S. Haldane crushed his spine while performing experiments in decompression on himself. As a result of his work, he suffered lifelong pain and cons
Sergei S. Bryukhonenko reanimated a dog head. He was a Soviet scientist during the Stalin era, and was working on the first heart-lung machine. So he
Louis Jolyon West gave acid to an elephant. Male elephants experience fits where they go on the attack, so West figured he could induce a bout of elep
Kevin Warwick has a cybernetic implant. The British professor has two chips in his arm, and his wife has one chip in hers. One of the chips triggers g
Albert Bandura beat up clowns, for science. Bandura wanted to know whether children would act out violence they'd seen committed by adults, so he made
Scientists gave cocaine to bees. Researchers from Macquarie University in Australia and the University of Illinois dosed a segment of the bee populati
Max Pettenkofer drank cholera. Max Joseph von Pettenkofer, a German researcher, extracted cholera from the diarrhea of a man who had died from the dis
Jose Delgado inserted mind-control chips into brains. And not just animal brains. He also used them on humans - including mental patients. So he'd put
Carney Landis made people behead rats. Landis was a post-graduate student studying facial expressions, so he drew lines on people's faces and photogra

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