19 Mind-Blowing Facts That Seem Like Bullsh#t (But Aren't)

And, still, we're sure the comments will be full of people claiming to be experts on Saturn and how these are all B.S.
19 Mind-Blowing Facts That Seem Like Bullsh#t (But Aren't)

It's not uncommon these days to hear an outlandish fact and immediately dismiss it as malarkey. Gone are the days of trusted institutions like the Snapple Facts, forcing us to live in a world where it feels like facts are diluted and distorted through a never ending game of telephone. And we can't blame you feeling that way – there's so much bullshit floating around the Internet that we can understand not wanting to even sift through it to find out what's true.

Despite this distrust, there are still some amazing facts that, on the surface, could easily be made up, but are backed by trusted sources and science. We're here to aid your quest for knowledge and combat this age of misinformation. We asked our readers to bring us some facts that sound totally made up, but are indeed the stone cold truth. The winner is below, but first the runners-up…

A ball of glass will bounce higher than a ball of rubber. CRACKEDCON
As far as biologists can tell, lobsters are immortal, in the sense that they don't die of old age. Instead, they grow in size until an outside force k
Every time you smell a violet, you're smelling it for the first time. A violet's scent comes from compounds called ionones that work by temporarily sh
The density of Saturn is low enough that it would float iN water
In a group of 23 people, there's 50% a chance that two people have the Same birthday. If this doesn't make sense: consider that it's not just you comp
Many small creatures experience time faster than we do That means that larger animals humans appear to be moving in slow motion to them. CRACKED COM
CRACKED A neutron star's surface gravity is trillion a times greater than the surface gravity on Earth Everything You drop on a neutron star generates
CRACKED.COM Mercury has a fickle sun Because of Mercury's eccentric orbit and slow rotation, sometimes the sun reverses direction in the sky. IF you w
GRACKED.GOM IGR J11014-6103 Composite Pulsar Pulsars are a type of neutron star which eject jets of high energy particles over vast distances. The lon
There GRAGKEDO are such things as UNDERWATER WATERFALLS Wait, what? In some places, patches of The 2-miles-tall Denmark Underwater waterfalls can't be
CRACKED.co Due to tidal forces between the Earth and Moon, days get 1.4 milliseconds longer every 100 years, as the Earth's rotation gets slower. This
We thought with powerful enough telescopes and instruments we could see the universe... CRAt But it's 68% dark energy and 27% dark matter. Both are in
CRACKED.COM A property of pure metal is its ability to fuse to itself in a vacuum without heat. Called cold welding, it occurs when two identical pi
COSMIC THE UNIVERSE IS A COLOR NAMED COSMIC LATTE LATTE Astronomers performing a massive survey averaged the light emitted by 200,000 galaxies. The re
If you're standing still near the equator you're actually moving about 1,000 MPH CRACKEDCON
When not exposed to insects, human corpses can remain relatively intact due to fatty tissue cells going through a process that turns them into hydroxy
CRACKEDCON Under certain circumstances, hot water will freeze faster than cold water This counterintuitive phenomenon, described by Aristotle, Francis
IF you, hypothetically, drilled a hole through the center of the Earth and jumped in, it would take 42 MINUTES to reach the other side. CRACKED.COM

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