The 27 Weirdest Lies That Everyone Believed

A fool and their dignity are easily parted.
The 27 Weirdest Lies That Everyone Believed

A fool and their dignity are easily parted. And we have a feeling that a lot of people spent a lot of time searching for their dignity after falling for these laughably obvious hoaxes that we teamed up with image warlock AuntieMeme to bring you.

So just let these act as a PSA: People will always be out there looking to pull a fast one on the idiotic masses. Don't be one of those idiots.

The 27 Weirdest Lies That Everyone Believed
In 1998, Andrew Wakefield published a study claiming that the MMR vaccine causes autism. Thanks to his research, the anti-vaccination movement was bor
In 1985, Hardy Rodenstock sold Bill Koch four bottles of Thomas Jefferson's wine. The price: Half a million bucks. Not only was the wine fake, SO was
In 1865, world-renowned doctor James Barry died of dysentery. He had risen from hospital assistant to become the top-ranking doctor in the British Arm
Dr. William Summerlin floored the scientific community with his patchwork mice who had transplanted tissue. He'd transplanted black fur onto white m
In 1921, Stanley Weyman introduced Princess Fatima of Afghanistan to President Harding. He did it by posing as a government official. Weyman told the
In 1912, Charles Dawson discovered Piltdown Man, the missing link. lt was a human skull attached to an orangutan jaw with filed down teeth. The dis
Mary Toft created a media sensation when she gave birth to 17 rabbits. They were up in her lady bits because she put them there. It was 1726, and doct
In 1910, William Voigt commanded a group of soldiers to overthrow the town of Kopernick. He did SO by cobbling together a uniform from the surplus sho
In 2001, a carver discovered a stone covered with viking runes, and the Viking museum pounced on it. It was actually the second time a runed stone had
When Frenchman Roger Tichborne was lost at sea, his mother searched the world for her son. Arthur Orton showed up, and Tichborne's mother believed she
Douglas Stringfellow was a wheelchair- vet who served on the U.S. House of Representatives. Except he totally wasn't paralyzed He had served in the mi
When Emily Miller walked in on a home invasion, she became a gun rights advocate. BANG! Except she lied about the home invasion. Miller's version of t
Realtor Sam Leccima was featured on an episode of AEE'S Flip this House. FOD SOLD ULC He didn't actually OWN, fix up, or sell the houses. Leccima had
Dr. Laura Callahan served as the Department of Homeland Security's Deputy Chief Information Officer. All of her degrees were phony. All three of Calla
In 2010, Lin Chunping became a financial celebrity by saving the bankrupt Atlantic Bank, in Delaware. Lin's success landed him a cushy position on a C
Journalist Tom Kummer published incredible, exclusive celebrity interviews. He accomplished this by making them up. In the phony interviews, Mike Tyso
Lotus CEO Jeffrey Papows claimed to be a Marine flier with a black belt in tae kwon do and a PhD. He was none of those things. He also claimed to be a
Vinnie the Chin Gigante roamed Greenwich Village in his bathrobe, ranting and peeing himself, for 30 years. He was a mob boss trying to evade arrest
Berkeley professor Eugene Bolton went nuts when somebody found a plate signed by Sir Francis Drake. FtTEIPREEDTS. TATECFHEIF HER FEinE cc NOALFIN E Th
Dr. Joseph Cyr's mother read an article in the paper about her son's heroics aboard a Canadian destroyer. 1 Her son wasn't at sea. The man in the stor
David Deng recruited soldiers into a special forces group, and charged them fees. It was all an immigration sCAM. Deng dressed up an abandoned store t
Janet Cooke won a Pulitzer Prize for her news story about an 8 -yearold heroin addict named Jimmy. The story created a sensation in D.C., and Mayor Ma
In 2002, when a tugboat collided with a bridge in Oklahoma and caused multiple casualties, Billy James Clark announced that he was in charge of the re
Decorated retired Lt. Col. Jay Cafasso worked as an expert consultant for Fox News during their coverage of the invasion of Afghanistan. fasso Except
When a shy 15-yearold orphan named Francisco showed up at a French school, teachers enrolled him. He was actually 31. Frederic Bourdin pulled it off b
Wiliam Hillar claimed the movie Taken was based on his life. He spent 10 years giving seminars and workshops in counter-terrorism, human trafficking,

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