21 Absurd Lies Companies Have Used To Sell Products

21 Absurd Lies Companies Have Used To Sell Products

We like to think the term "snake oil" is reserved for old-timey traveling salesmen and the holistic medicine aisle of Whole Foods, but it turns out it hits closer to home than we realize. In fact, many famous brands have been in trouble at some point or another for claiming their products have magical properties that everyone eventually called baloney on.

With that in mind, we asked our readers to pick out the worst offenders and gave cash-money for the best entries. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by RB2

Extenze IS a pill that is supposed Free tsre to be able to increase Week a Supply man's penis size and enhance his performance. 1-800-216-9703 Apparen

Entry by mkad

CRACKED COM Vaseline TRADE MARK White Peroleum Jelly Aseothing dressing for Minor Cuts Skin Iritatios VASELINE mtations Frost Burns. Bites Colds. Thro

Entry by Comunacho

chinese Kou chun tea is claimed to cure diseases and help in weight loss. Its secret? The tea gets its properties thanks to its harvesting process, wh

Entry by RB2

1932: The manufacturers of Listerine claim that their mouthwash can prevent colds. COUGH, you cbump.. it's all your fault own Now millions prevent c

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