21 Long-Game Revenge Schemes

21 Long-Game Revenge Schemes

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or, perhaps, revenge is a dish best served hot, complex, and preferably bloody. There are some people who are happy to do petty things to get back at those who wronged them, and then there are those who put a certain amount of finesse into it and make vengeance kind of awesome.

We're not here to tell some cutesy little stories of how George Clooney pantsed Brad Pitt on the set of the hundredth Oceans movie so Pitt superglued his trailer furniture to the ceiling or whatever. Nah man. This is about truly badass (and deserved) acts of pettiness, stuff that took real risk and tremendous planning. And boy, is it more satisfying than anything Alexandre Dumas could come up with.

With the help of Auntie "Genghis Khan" Meme, we dug up some of the greatest acts of revenge in the history of planet Earth. Go forth and smite your enemies armed with this knowledge.

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