15 Dead Movie Characters Everybody Forgot To Mourn

15 Dead Movie Characters Everybody Forgot To Mourn

Death in movies can be used to many great effects. They can show how atrocious violence is. They can make us hate a villain or sympathize with a hero. Heck, they can even be used to lighten the mood. All of this, of course, only happens if you even acknowledge that someone kicked the bucket.

Hollywood has a long streak of killing off "Above Redshirt Class" characters without even blinking an eye -- so much so you can't even envision why said character had to eat it. We asked our readers to bring us the worst offenders, and gave money to best entries ...

Entry by DogWriter

Remember Fox from The Warriors? Not really, right? That's because actor Thomas G. Waites gave director Walter Hill a hard time during filming and was

Entry by Kevin King

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