27 Notable Ads That Were Based On Lies

There's toeing the line of honesty and then there's blasting the truth away with a bazooka.
27 Notable Ads That Were Based On Lies

These days everyone knows that you can't take advertisements at face value. Photoshop, misleading wording, deliberate omission of certain facts -- all frequent techniques that advertisers use to toe the line while they're pushing their product down your throat. Of course, sometimes that toe crosses the line -- or rather, sometimes a company blows that line away with a bazooka.

With the help of the Don Draper of image manipulation AuntieMeme, here are those companies with egg on their face with a bazooka in hand.

In 2008, Apple launched the iPhone 3G by claiming it was Twice as fast for Half the Price. NEITHER of those claims was true. And when consumers co
Red Bull just settled a $13 million class action lawsuit-and it's not because of the gives you wings thing. Idly t cocbonated. Soechiled Red Bu!l EN
19 taxi companies are suing Uber Technologies Inc. for false advertising for claiming it has the safest rides on the road. The lawsuit claims Uber's
Verizon's coverage map ads were such misleading crap that AT&T sued them. No numbers were presented, and they didn't take AT&T'S EDGE coverage into
In 2013, Australian consumers noticed that Subway's Footlong sandwiches were shorter than a foot. 12 'SUBWAY FOOTLONG' is a registered trademark as
POM Wonderful promised consumers they could cheat death by drinking pomegranate juice. The ads went on to say that the drink can POM help prevent p
For years, Activia yogurt claimed it was clinically and scientifically proven to regulate digestion and boost immune systems. They also made a lot
Taco Bell called oats a seasoning in their Seasoned Beef. A former employee filed a lawsuit against the company for misleading customers, since oats
A package of Top Ramen noodles is two servings. Nrition Facts Srgie 15 Total 07 142obout Fai 7u 11% Total Carbohytrate 28g 9% nodie biock and tsp Satu
AQUAFINA. Pure Refreshment Despite the snowcapped mountains in its logo, Aquafina is filtered tap water. That's actually good news, because tap water
Classmates.com suckered people into upgrading to gold membership by telling them their classmates were looking for them. It was such a baldfaced lie
A 2009 ad for Bayer Aspirin C implied that it could prevent extinction. be here if They would still a they hadn't caught cold NEW IUMhul ASPIRINPUSO S
When a group of doctors called on Columbia University to cut ties with Dr. Oz for his questionable ethics, Oz responded, it's not a medical show. BL
In 2008, Coca Cola launched an ad campaign in Australia claiming Coke doesn't contribute to weight gain, tooth loss, or obesity. Myth. Coca-Cota' cont
Duracell's Ultra Advanced and UItra Power batteries claimed to last longer than regular batteries. AAA New Nouveau DURACELL ULTRA ADVANCED LASTS EVEN
Extenze called itself ARAND a capsule that can Male Enhancement Exten make a man larger... NUTRITIOWNAL SUPPLFMENT taetenitm Fast Acting Maximum Stre
In 2008, Wrigley's claimed Eclipse gum killed germs, and charged $10 a pack for it. GERM KILLING NOW eclipse. WIH NATURAL WHIDRCAS INCREDIBLY BREATH S
This year's big red-carpet trend: Manscara. O It's not functionally different r on from MOneS regular mascara. It's LO just got the word man in it. ta
Kashi was recently sued for calling products with mostly- synthetic ingredients all natural.' Kashi GOLEAN Kashi HEARTY GOLEAN ALL NATURAL Instant H
In 2012, Nokia advertised the image stabilization feature on its Lumia 920 with a fake video. The commercial featured a side-by-side comparison of vid
Nivea's My Silhouette lotion claimed it could significantly reduce customers' body size. NIVEA My Silhouette! NIVEA Redefring Gel-Cream ouettelr BIO
In 2010, Kellogg boasted that Rice Krispies and Cocoa Krispies could boost kids' immunity. elloggs 883-00 elloggos 0 RICE COcoa KRISPIES KRISPIES ACON
Olay beauty cream used a miracle product called Photoshop to erase the years from 60-year-old Twiggy. The retouching was so extensive that the Adverti
Skechers claimed that its Shape-ups help people lose weight, and strengthen and tone the butt, legs, and abs. Shape-ups In 2012, the FTC made the comp
Ever notice those braided Phiten necklaces worn by athletes? The company claims they produce an electrical charge that relieves pain, increases energy
Nutella's claim that it's made of hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa' earned it a lawsuit for false advertising. nutella Ads that portrayed t
Coca-Cola marketed Vitaminwater by promising it would boost your immune system and help fight free radicals. When sued for making the claim, Coke

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