15 Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Major Movie Sets

15 Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Major Movie Sets

We here are at Cracked dot com cannot get enough of behind-the-scenes facts. You see, making movies is less like an orderly, rational process and more like, say, a busy kitchen with not just too many chefs, but with people barging in and messing with the meals, picking fights with the chefs and making a mess. You've got a recipe (screenwriter), a restaurant (location scout), equipment inside the restaurant (set design), owners (producers), chefs (director and crew), and front-of-house (actors). It's like if Gordon Ramsey wrote Inception. Or Jon Favreau, we guess.

The difference between a kitchen and movies is that people have cohesive vision in kitchens, and they talk to each other from time to time. That's why movie sets are so fascinating. Nothing ever really seems to be working in total symphonic harmony, and then one day, there's a movie. It's like jazz, ba…too many metaphors? Okay. 

If you think we’re exaggerating, check these out:

WTF Behind-The-Scenes Stories From Major Movie Sets - On Galaxy Quest, Sigourney Weaver would sometimes leave
Source: MTV

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