13 Fresh Servings Of Movie-related And Miscellaneous Facts

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13 Fresh Servings Of Movie-related And Miscellaneous Facts

If there’s one particular genre of factoid that gets us out of bed in the morning, it is the movie related fact. That is to say, the stories behind the story. The scene behind the scenes. We’ve covered movie facts that have elevated our cinema snobbery to the next level. We’ve covered facts that absolutely surprised us. We’ve even covered behind the scenes facts about our favorite horror movies as well as movies that put absolutely insane levels of detail into things most people will never even notice.

The thing is, we can’t stop there. We’ve got to mix in other kinds of facts–you might even go so far as to call them miscellaneous–into this stew of intellectual stimulation. We’ll bet you’ll be shocked at the wild way literal gold sometimes makes its way into the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, or the surprising way Sean Connery landed his famous role as James Bond.

Whenever you’re reading this, turning on the news will almost certainly feel as energizing as stopping to watch a dumpster fire. But there are way more interesting things to read about. For example ...

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