18 Random Facts For Your General Edification

18 Random Facts For Your General Edification

You might meet a rich heir or a high-class socialite one day and start getting invited to soirees where people wear cummerbunds and monocles, or at the very least shirts (humble brag much?!). What will you discuss with such distinguished individuals? You can't stay silent forever; sooner or later, someone will say something to you, and you'll be expected to respond. Funny stories about your dog eating a frog won't get you very far. You must learn the culture or at the very least simulate it by memorizing random facts. You'll be sure to impress your well-read hosts if you tell them. Whether you're stuck inside on a wet and windy day, going to look for enjoyable things to do about yourself, inside a supermarket line, and just want to gratify intrigued mini imaginations, reach for any of these fun facts. Those will keep your teeny (and big!) ones enthralled.

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