15 Unsolved Mysteries That Are Real Heavy, Man

Not knowing the answer to these questions makes them even creepier.
15 Unsolved Mysteries That Are Real Heavy, Man

Questions, it has been said, are more interesting than answers. Do you agree? In that case, you're in luck -- here we have a bunch of questions, and no goddamn answer anywhere. Halloween's coming up, and so we're gonna lean hard into the “trick” part of “trick of treat.” Did some dead leaves just swirl around your window? Is a raven quothing “nevermore” at you? Is the raven dressed as Bart Simpson? Damn. We were hoping. Anyway, light some candles and set the scene.

Sure, these aren't the big questions about life, universe, and Taco Bell's secret menu items -- but their sheer mystifying creepiness will leave an uneasy sensation in the pit of your stomach (just like secret menu items often do). Want to be perplexed? Bewildered? Puzzled over what secrets we might never learn? Wonder if it's possible for whole islands to just up and disappear like they've been vacuumed into the ocean? Then read on.

Who buried the Saddle Ridge Hoard? While walking their dog, a California couple found in their property over 400 19th- century gold coins, worth a gra
Source: The Independent
Where is D.B. Cooper (and his money)? In 1971, a guy using the name Dan Cooper took an airliner hostage, and demanded $200,000 and four parachutes. Af
Source: FBI
What happened at the Dyatlov Pass? In 1959, nine Russian students went on a ski trip. While camping in a remote spot, they all fled their t
Source: CNN


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