18 Actors Who Really Spilled The Beans

Spoilers, obviously.
18 Actors Who Really Spilled The Beans

Acting boils down to a pretty simple dichotomy: say your lines while you're filming, and then don't say those lines anymore. But some actors just can't get the hang of it. We're not about the subtle intricacies of method acting or a certain change in a facial expression that shifts the meaning of the scene, no, we mean the job is done at wrap. Yeah, sure, you gotta do press tours and promotional things, but those are more robotically answering questions in PR-written ways. 

Turns out that's hard for some. You've got your Toms Holland and your Marks Ruffalo, who are so notorious for dropping spoilers that their MCU costars take shifts trying to keep them quiet. But then there's Will Smith, a seasoned promoter who just occasionally gets so jazzed up about a movie that he can't help himself. 

Here are a few times actors spoiled their own projects:

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