The 16 Most Horrific Non-Horror TV And Movie Deaths

When dramas do horror, they go all-out.
The 16 Most Horrific Non-Horror TV And Movie Deaths

“There are only two certainties in life: death and taxes.” -Everyone You Ever Met In life, we all die, and some of us unfortunately and horrifically. We know, on some level, that it's coming. What we don't know, unless we're clairvoyant, is the how.

Movies and TV also deal with death, but they know the how. Everything is planned out to the max. But it’s interesting in that when it comes to on-screen deaths, dramas and comedies have an edge over horror flicks in one key area: like The French, they have the element of surprise. 

Breaking Bad snuck up on us with Gus Fring's gruesome final moments, Game of Thrones elicited one million physical cringes with the sudden demise of Oberyn Martell, even Maude Flanders' off-screen death in The Simpsons was an eyebrow-raising moment of brutality. 

Here are a few of the all-time goriest, most horrifying deaths outside of the horror arena:

Gus Fring BREAKING BAD CRACKED.CO An improvised explosive blew half his face off, and he managed to straighten his tie before falling dead on the spot
Tara Knowles SONS OF ANARCHY CRACKED COM Gemma smashes Tara in the head with an iron, then drowns her in the sink while stabbing her with a giant serv
The Torture Scene CASINO CRACKED.COM Nicky beat the hell out of Tony Dogs for two straight days, and only extracted the name he needed after he shoved
Bill Compton TRUE BLOOD CRACKED.CON Bill and Sookie get in one last kiss before she stakes him and he pops like a blood-filled water balloon.
Dr. Romano ER CRACKEDc After having his arm cut off by a helicopter, he makes sure to steer clear of the things- until he's crushed by a helicopter th
The Dog-Heart Scene ONE TREE HILL CRACKED CO Series bad guy Dan Scott is slated to get a heart transplant, until someone trips, spills the heart right
The Elevator Scene SIX FEET UNDER CRACKEDCON Good samaritan Kenneth was trying to rescue a pregnant lady from a broken elevator, when it started worki
Maude Flanders THE SIMPSONS CRACKEDco Shot in the chest with a t-shirt cannon, causing her to fall several stories to her death, screaming all the way
Noah THE WALKING DEAD CRACKED cO COM Glenn got a front-row seat to Noah being torn to shreds just outside of a revolving door.
Viserys GAME OF THRONES CRACKED CO After repeatedly demanding his golden crown, Jason Momoa obliges by pouring molten gold on his head, burning off hi
The Disarming Scene 127 HOURS James Franco commits to a permanent round of The Stranger by cutting his own arm off with a dull pocket knife.
Dale Horvath THE WALKING DEAD CRACKED.COM Taken too soon when a walker pried open his ribcage like a bag of chips.
Oberyn GAME OF THRONES CRACKEDCON The Mountain That Rides crushes Oberyn Martell's head like a hippo chomping on a watermelon.
Warren Mears BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Willow sews his mouth shut, then gets bored and instantly flays him.
Mace 2 the Face BRAVEHEART CRACKEDCON William Wallace enacts his revenge with a well-placed mace to the jacked-up face.
Chef SOUTH PARK CRACKED CON They put a hat on a hat on a hat when Chef fell into a canyon, was impaled on a tree, mauled by a mountain lion, shot, mau
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