15 Inexplicably Weirdo Things Celebs Do

15 Inexplicably Weirdo Things Celebs Do

There's something strange going on in Hollywood - something that can only be explained by celebrities being inexplicable weirdos.

Celebrities seem to have it all - the fancy cars, the designer clothes, and the massive houses. But even though they may have it all on the outside, inside, they're just like you and us - complete weirdos! From confusing cultural references to inexplicable fashion choices, these celebrities are doing things that make no sense whatsoever. So if you're feeling down about your own life, take a few minutes to laugh at these bizarre celebrity behaviors. You'll feel better in no time!

Okay, we all know celebrities are strange. But we don't always realize how weird something is. Perhaps it's because of their wealth or celebrity, or perhaps strange people are more likely to desire fortune and celebrity. Here are 15 of the most unique features of surprising people, whatever the secret ingredient is that makes celebrities strange.

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