21 Times Someone Royally Beefed It (And Accidentally Created Movie Magic)

Uh, yeah, Scorsese meant to do that.
21 Times Someone Royally Beefed It (And Accidentally Created Movie Magic)

Making movies is typically a calculated process. It has to be in order to get the right shot, the right performance, and the right take on time and within the budget. Then again, there are some occasions when there is a happy accident, a not so happy accident, or a day-of change that has the director say, “Screw it. Why not?”

It’s rare when it happens but these things sometimes make it to the final cut. Like did you know that the now-iconic wet, shirtless shot of Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean in Casino Royale only happened because he belly-flopped onto a sandbar while the cameras were rolling? Or that a film exposure mistake actually helped the ending to The Last Temptation of Christ?

Sometimes a pratfall is a real fall, but is so good that it cannot be cut. Here are 21 movie moments that would not have happened if everything went as planned:

James Franco needed that headband to cover a head injury. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS CRACKED CON Franco ran into a tree a little too convincingly, and needed a headband to cover the wound.
Christopher Guest used a real sword. THE PRINCESS BRIDE They didn't have a prop sword handy, SO Cary Elwes told Guest to give him a tap with a real sword... then he woke up in a hospital, getting stitches.
21 Times Someone Royally Beefed It (And Accidentally Created Movie Magic)
Luca Brasi's actor was an actual nervous mafioso. THE GODFATHER CRACKED.COM Lenny Montana was a mafia arsonist who was cast because he was huge. He actually couldn't get his line out, which Coppola used to his advantage.
Honey Bunny messes up a line. PULP FICTION CRACKED COM The line that kicks off the robbery is slightly different at the end of the film, a mistake that Tarantino let slide, because it subtley highlights how the scene is no longer from Pumpkin and Honey Bunny's POV.
A drunken extra hucked a beer can at Malkovich's bean. BEING JOHN MALKOVICH Some extras got ripped and decided to do a drive-by while the scene was live. Malkovich's reaction Cpissed off) is genuine.
A broken mic cable created the lightsaber sound. 108 STAR WARS CRACKED COM Sound designer Ben Burtt walked past his TV holding a mic with an exposed wire. That wire picked up the tube's hum, and the iconic KZSSH!! was born.
The pyrotechnics malfunctioned. THE WIZARD OF OZ You can see the red smoke appear before the Wicked Witch actually leaves. When they tried a re-take, everything went wrong and the actress got 2nd degree burns on her face.
Daniel Craig bellyflopped onto a sandbar. CASINO ROYALE Craig was supposed to dive in and swim away, but immediately bumped into a sandbar. This is him emerging, defeated by the sea, to wade back to shore.
Matt Dillon actually fell on his ass. THE OUTSIDERS When Dallas falls out of his chair in his skeazy attempt to flirt with Cherry, the whole cast is genuinely cracking up.
A crewmember knocked over the bookcase. GHOSTBUSTERS CRACKED A falling bookshelf should have been a disaster, but Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd turned it into comedy gold.
An extra misjudged the doorway. STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE CRACKED.COM DFOS This one slipped past George Lucas, but after it became a hit with fans, he added a hollow thud to the DVD re-release.
ldris Elba gave Chris Pine a black eye. STAR TREK BEYOND CRACKED.COM Elba Was exhausted while filming a fight scene, and accidentally landed a punch, hard.
Jamie Lee Curtis lost her grip. TRUE LIES CRACKEDCO Her pratfall during her seductive dance was real; you can even see Arnold move to help her.
21 Times Someone Royally Beefed It (And Accidentally Created Movie Magic)
Daryl Hannah shattered her elbow. BLADE RUNNER When Pris mets Sebastian for the first time, Hannah slips and fals into a van, breaking a window and her own elbow. In eight places.
Chris Pratt dropped the ball. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY CRACKED COM Even though it was perfectly in character, Pratt wasn't supposed to drop the orb upon presenting it to the Collector.
A director forgot to yell cut! THE GRADUATE CRACKED.COM An inexperienced editor was filling in for this scene, and just . ..forgot to end it, falling ass-backwards into a moment of cinematic genius.
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