18 Surprisingly Dark Episodes of Kids TV Shows

18 Surprisingly Dark Episodes of Kids TV Shows

Looking back on your favorite kids shows as an adult gives you a new perspective on the media you consumed. Maybe these episodes are where you got your dark sense of humor from. Or maybe they kept you sleeping in your parents' room past a socially acceptable age. Either way, here are 18 episodes that'll make you wonder how in the world your parents let you watch that.

Warning: There are some disturbing things. Obviously. Or else it wouldn't make a very good list.

ED, EDD N EDDY EDDY GETS ABUSED BY HIS BROTHER Eddy tragically looks up to his abusive older brother. When his friends try to defend him, his brother

STATIC SHOCK A BULLIED KID ATTEMPTS A SCHOOL SHOOTING Jimmy pulls out and gun and gets tackled, accidentally shooting his friend Richie in the leg. Th

TINY TOONS THE TINY TOONS DIE IN A DRUNK DRIVING ACCIDENT The kids drink one beer and, wasted, drive a stolen car. They swerve off a cliff into a wate

COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG COURAGE HAS TO PREVENT TORTURE Dr. Gerbil, who has probably been a victim of animal experimentation, kidnaps the Bagges in or

SMART GUY TJ MEETS A PEDOPHILE ON THE INTERNET TJ talks to a creep who tries to get him to undress to his underwear for a photo shoot. He shows them a

18 Surprisingly Dark Episodes of Kids TV Shows

18 Surprisingly Dark Episodes of Kids TV Shows

WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE ALEX AND MAX KILL THEIR FRIEND Alex turns her former friend Stevie into stone. Max accidentally trips on the stone, shatterin
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