21 Mind-Blowing Ways Society Is About to Completely Change


We think of evolution as something that takes centuries to come to fruition. In actuality, though, it's happening more rapidly than we realize.

As you're about to see, our readers show you subtle yet amazing worldwide changes that are happening right in our faces.

Entry by CZM

Number of people worldwide living in extreme poverty8 1950 2005 2050 1 in 2 1in5 1 in 40

Entry by CZM

Cars will drive entirely on their own by 2035 ouumenene In the US alone, this could save an annual 30k lives, 5 billion commuting hours, and $500 bill

Entry by elendirl

The world's population is expected to experiencee dramatic growth throughout the 21st century Between now and 2050, Africa will account for half of th

Entry by fangurley

A plastic eating fungus was discovered in the Amazon and if breeding is successful landfills will soon be thing ofthe a past. Looks like the Earth is

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