21 Things You Can Do To Bend Your Brain To Your Will

21 Things You Can Do To Bend Your Brain To Your Will
Got a case of the bad brains? You can't fix everything with the power of positive thinking; sometimes you gotta show your brain who's boss. Dunk it in coffee, inundate and remove stimuli at will, and do it all with a smile on your face.

Here are some relatively simple things you can do to wrestle your brain into submission. It's your brain, it should work for you!

Give yourself night vision. When entering or leaving a dark room, adjust to the new lighting more quickly by keeping a hand over one eye. That's why p

Stare at the Apple logo to spark creativity. 1 Advertising is, sadly, extremely effective. You might as well use it to your advantage! The ubiquitous
Source: Duke

Spend cash to save money. 0258 toet TES FD 76485899E8l Giving away physical currency conjures scarcity, and makes you more reluctant to spend. CRACKED

Tchotchkes on your desk can make you more productive. Googk. Having a modicum of control over your work environment can up your productivity by 32%.

Take the day off, let your brain do all the work. Your brain needs time to digest information. You recall more information after 24 hours than you do

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