24 Shows That Left Audiences Hanging (Permanently)

Tying up loose ends is hard, apparently.
24 Shows That Left Audiences Hanging (Permanently)

A few fans are dissatisfied with the Television show's final episodes of shows such as Lost or The Sopranos, and they wondered what had happened just after their cliff hanger or ambiguous endings.

Confusing endings can also be used to a powerful advantage in storytelling, including Inception's iconic ending, which has perplexed and enthralled fans for years who continue to try to solve its mysteries. When used correctly, an ambiguous series finale can keep a TV audience interested in a show long after it's been ended.

Writing is difficult. When it comes to writing for television, you have to come up with ongoing plot lines that are exciting enough to keep viewers guessing and returning to see what happens next. So it's understandable when writers leave audiences hanging, whether out of laziness or because their shows were cancelled. People forget and move on, don't they?

No way. We're still thinking about these shows that left us twisting in the wind for the rest of time.

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