25 Hidden Details And Secret Stories From Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

25 Hidden Details And Secret Stories From Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

It’s one of our favorite indie films–filled with quirky charm and an excellent homage to a fun comic series, Scott Pilgrim has inspired a lot of writing. We’ve covered how much Torono has changed since the filming of the original movie. We’ve talked about the weird ways the movie diverged from the comic. We’ve written about some of the insane details in the movie you probably didn’t even notice.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, based on the graphic novels by Canadian artist Bryan Lee O'Malley, and directed by Edgar Wright, just turned 10 years old. On one hand, it's a beloved cult classic that reimagined the comic book movie, the video game movie, and the twenty-something hipster movie. On the other, it's the reason we have Ready Player One. So we guess, it’s sort of a mixed legacy?

10 years on, this film is still a veritable playground for fans of video games, live music, graphic novels, and a million other niche fandoms. Here's a look at some of the bonkers details and behind-the-scenes coincidences you may not have noticed, even after a decade:

Julie has a massive crush on Scott. O'Malley says this isn't canon, but it was on a list of 10 Secret Facts About Your Character' that he provided
He wrote up lists for all the major characters, but so far none have leaked.

The movie was in production before the graphic novel was finished. SCO They had to get POME out ahead of LIEE the source LITTLE material while PRECIOS
O'Malley ended up incorporating elements written for the movie into his books.

You probably missed Bill Hader's role. CONTINUET A10 He does all the narration, most prominently the arcade game Ninja Ninja Revolution.

The music was written by actual rockstars. Beck wrote for Sex Bob-Omb, Metric wrote for Clash at Demonhead, Broken Social Scene wrote for Crash and th
Wright made all the actors learn their instruments, too.

Wright tried not to cast any Brits for his first North American film. He didn't realize Satya Bhabha (Matthew Patel) was from London until after he wa
Their hometowns are just 5 minutes apart.

O'Malley didn't draw the illustrated interludes. They were animated by Oscar Wright, Edgar's storyboard artist brother.
Edgar had Oscar do work for Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, too.

Edgar Wright never considered anyone else to play Scott. Somehow, he watched Michael Cera in Arrested Development and saw an s-kicking heartbreaker. C

Envy Adams was (very coincidentally) inspired by Edgar Wright's childhood friend. His old pal Amy Bowles was a Toronto scenester known to O'Malley, wh
Wright and O'Malley only found this out when they ran into Bowles, who was randomly biking around Toronto.

Scott's Plumtree homage: PLUMITREE Plumtree is a Canadian band with a song called Scott Pilgrim, which O'Malley directly yoinked to name his protago

The intro sequence was partly Quentin Tarantino's idea. EVANS WunyMIWU BEN WicnD Specifically, extending the song and adding these visual Easter eggs,
Supposedly, Wright added a couple of foot closeups later in the movie to thank Tarantino.

Why Woulon't. Big fan. HOu be? This dialogue was, verbatim, an actual conversation Wright once had with Pell Almquist of The Hives. CRACKED.COM

Scott almost ended up with Knives. This alternate ending has Scott walking off into the sunset with Knives, as people gossip about how cool he is now.
Here's the ending they originally shot.

We almost got to see Jason Schwartzman's robot balls. At one point, the climax involved a giant robotic Gideon Graves... with exposed balls. CRACKED.C

Another alternate ending made Scott a serial killer. They wrote an ending where Scott actually murders all those people, and dreams up the whole movie

The movie was delayed for years because of Hot Fuzz. BIG CDPS SMALL TOWN. MODERATE VIOLENGE PEE FROST Wright had just finished Shaun of the Dead, and
This was a stroke of luck - it allowed O'Malley to make a lot more progress on the books.

Michael Cera was younger than all the young actors. ORDER Young Neil, 17-year-old Knives, and his little sister were all played by actors that are o
Stacey Pilgrim even sarcastically called Scott "little brother."

Bryan Lee O'Malley makes a quick cameo. He's in Lee's Palace after Sex Bob-Omb's first gig.
He's speaking to his now ex-wife, Hope Larson.

There are a ton of visual clues indicating what level Scott is on at any time. 2ERO 2 LL Most notably, each evil ex is subtly (okay, sometimes overt
There are countless X's, too.

Matthew Patel E He has one visible eye, wears a single chevron, and Wallace even calls him that one guy.
He also holds a single finger in the air to summon his fire attacks.

LucAsLee=2 E 2 LL He stays in trailer #2 and says it'll take 2 minutes to kick your ass. CRACKED.COM

Todd Ingram E 3 He's in a three-piece band, and wears a 3 on his shirt.

Roxy Richter E 4 They fight at a club called 4.
There's also a theory that says their lesbian relationship represents 4 X chromosomes.

The Katayanagi Twins E 5&6 l They turn their music up to (5+6=) 11.
(That's the Japanese character for 11)

Gideon DFFENCE LEen w cLmDE -1 POOI CTVLE G is the 7th letter of the alphabet, and his stats are X7 all the way down.
He also complains that his gum will be stuck in his digest tract for "7 years!!"

Scott E 2ERO Gideon straight up calls him a zero, and he even drinks Coke Zero. CRACKED.COM
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