History is never pretty. Throughout high school and college classrooms, we are taught about war, disease, and various other eras of historical ugliness. Mankind has a lot to learn from those periods of ugly. Then there is the nitty gritty of history that never get talked about because it is more than just ugly. It is gross and/or weird. Too gross or weird for classrooms.

You've heard of battles over territory before, but probably don't know about the battle between Ohio and Michigan over the city of Toledo. Historians may know about Napoleon Bonaparte's military strategies and how he came up with those plans, but they will never know the sexual “zig-zag” maneuver he and his first wife invented. Only those within the Apollo 8 space mission now how poopy it really was.

Again, history is never pretty. But it usually isn't as ugly, odd, and poopy as these historical facts are.

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The largest bell ever made was lost by a greedy governor. Portugese warlord Filipe de Brito e Nicote was granted a governorship, then promptly declare


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