Fictional Characters Who Were Adapted Into Oblivion For Movies And Television

What ever happened to Tattypoo?
Fictional Characters Who Were Adapted Into Oblivion For Movies And Television

There's no such thing as the perfect transition from novel to movie, but some characters are molded more gracefully than others. Like, we can all agree that Mos Def's portrayal of Ford Prefect in the 2005 Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy was an absolutely perfect take on what everyone previously assumed was an alien pretending to be British, but let's be serious: as much fun as it was to watch Robert Downey, Jr. bare-knuckle box a giant (probably alien) British guy, it's not like bare-knuckle boxing is the first thing with which upon we associate Sherlock Holmes.

Every once in a while, the author of the source material will praise the treatment of their character. More often than not, superfans will spend their precious time on this earth nitpicking inconsistencies. Sometimes the best course is to delete a character altogether, and hope no one notices. 

Here's a collection of all of the above:

The The Good Witch Character: The Wizard The Movie: of Oz THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION CRACKEDcO Two different Glinda; the witches the single most beauti
The Kitty Pride Character: X-Men: Days of The Movie: Future Past THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION DONT, MESS WITHTHE CRACKED.COM ime-traveling. Everyone's ti
The Clarisse Character: The Fahrenheit 457 Movie: THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION RAY BRADBURY 451 FAHRENHEIT BALLANTINE BOOKS CRACKED Guy Montag's Ray Mont
The Katara Character: The Last The Movie: Airbender THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION Leader of a Shover... of a prison guard, while the boys rebellion. handl
The Jonathan Character: The Cujo Movie: THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION CUJO A NOVELBY STEPHENKING Authorof FIRESTARTER A victim of An alive kid, Stephen Ki
The Ginny Weasley Character: The Harry Potter Movies: THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION WELDDOPUE J.K.ROWLING 9 HOGWARTS EXPRESS .this is terrific book. The
The Paul Character: Breakfast At The Movie: Tiffany's THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION Breakfast at Tiffany's A short novel and three stories by Truman Capot
The Jack Torrence Character: The The Shining Movie: THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION Shining The StephenKing by A new novel CRAGKEDCOM by the Recovering Pret
The Osha Character: Game of The Show: Thrones THE SOURCE THE ADAPTATION CRACKED COM She was written as George R. R. Martin a pretty minor loved Natal
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