9 Controversial Episodes Of Television That Never Saw The Light Of Day

We all like to be challenged by our favorite media, but sometimes networks and showrunners think they know what's best for us.

For example, they think we're too sensitive for cartoon abortion, Muppet divorce, and Al Bundy's thrusting hips. Here are a few episodes of classic television that weren't released due to their sensitive subject matter:


FAMILY GUY Lois wants an abortion. In The Partial Terms of Endearment, Lois is a surrogate mother for a couple who die unexpectedly. She and Peter sSource: Indie Wire


SEINFELD Elaine gets a gun. sigprp In The Bet, Elaine purchases a gun on a dare. However, despite getting the green light, the cast and crew refusedSource: EW


THE ANGRY BEAVERS The beavers break the 4th wall. In the series finale that was written and recorded, Norbert and Daggett find out that they're cartooSource: Screen Rant


FRIENDS Chandler goes to a male strip club. The show was steeped in homophobia, especially Chandler's character. When writers wrote an episode around Source: popculture


HANNIBAL Poorly-timed familicide. The Oeuf, an episode about kidnapped children murdering their parents, was pulled at the last minute. It was schedSource: Indie Wire


MARRIED WITH CHILDREN Al and Peg's illicit sex tape. The Bundys find out their sexual escapades have been recorded by the sleezy motel they were stayiSource: Screen Rant


SEINFELD The Soup Nazi as an actual nazi. This was a proposed episode wherein the Soup Nazi would return to the other Nazis the actual former Nazi waSource: EW


SESAME STREET Snuffy's parents get divorced. The episode was written and filmed in 1992, but they decided to can it when they noticed it was traumatizSource: popculture


CHEERS Sam is diagnosed with AIDS. Sam was slated to contract AIDS at the height of the epidemic, but co-creator Les Charles said the specter of AIDSSource: Screen Rant