10 Video Game Bonkers Boss Battles

660 HP of damage to Giygas!

Bosses, unlike the armies of anonymous, expendable minions that players slaughter in hundreds, are difficult milestones to conquer. Furthermore, they are intended to be memorable battles that gamers will remember. However, complexity is merely one factor that helps them stick in gamers' minds. Presentation is crucial, and nothing captivates viewers like the weird. 

To assist them to stand out in a crowd of baddies, programmers can construct powerful opponents that act differently than similar bosses. Sometimes, bosses move or appear in such a strange way, and are so unlike anything else, that gamer simply cannot help but recall them long after they've been defeated.

Video game design is, at its essence, all about creativity. Game designers are always pushing the boundaries, defying expectations, and demanding more of the technology that already exists.

Now and then, gamers devise unintended strategies for dispatching a well-designed foe. A new dungeon or monster, on the other hand, almost always succeeds in challenging or shocking the player. Here are some of the most perplexing bosses of all time, as well as the surprising tactics for defeating them. Scroll on for some truly bonkers boss battles…

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