The Storyboarding Guidelines That Keep The Simpsons Looking Fresh

Cutting off heads is bad. I hate people who cut off heads.
The Storyboarding Guidelines That Keep The Simpsons Looking Fresh
Sometimes it feels like The Simpsons has told every story there is to tell. They even get out ahead of reality on a regular basis. There are currently 31 seasons of The Simpsons, and while episode quality is a source of constant debate, there's no denying that the art and animation look pristine.

An old set of storyboarding do's and don'ts, compiled and illustrated by storyboard supervisor Chris Romano, sheds some light on how they've been able to tell compelling stories for over three decades:
SC. BG. TIMING Burn's has just been told all his money's gone. Still, he's a powerful man... .but not in this drawing. In fact, although he's in the c
When in doubt... Lower the Q RIRD: HORIZON! oASL 1 HORIZON LUNE ISC. BG TIMINGI A mundane shot... Burns has no power here, and the lawyers seem to be
SC. BG. TIMING This is a 'STOCK' shot of Rev.Lovejoy speaking to the congregation. Since it's been used in shows before, it'll be easy to layout... th
Angles are our friends! or Springfield is NOT a two dimensional world BORING! FLAT! UNINSPIRED! Unless that's what you WANT. don't draw it! Better! Sh
Ok, there are three planes in the Background, but Smithers and Burns are standing exactly next to one another... .which flattens the scene out. BORING
TYPES OF SHOTS (Choker)- Extreme Close Medium Medium Long Up- Shot- Shot- Long Mouth/ Close Shoulder Shot- Up about shot eyes to cuts waist that only
Don't cut off heads in the frame. A NSOASL Cutting off heads is bad. PEARL I hate people who cut off heads. o SC. BG. TIMING Homer! Is that you? By on
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