Tell Us Now: Songs That Cause The Worst Kind Of Nostalgia

Tell Us Now: Songs That Cause The Worst Kind Of Nostalgia

Songs have an almost magical ability to take you back. Which is nice, most of the time. Sometimes, though, a song takes you back to a moment that still makes you cringe. But there's no erasing it -- it's always there, like an open subway car waiting to take you to cringeville.

We asked Cracked fans on Facebook to tell us about songs that gave them weird moments of nostalgia, and where those songs took them.

TELL US NOW. Back That Azz Up by Juvenile transports Chris M. in time. Specifically, it backs his azz up to playing UItima Online in his parents' ba
Chris M.

TELL US NOW. Queen's Somebody To Love' sure takes Paul C. back. Sitting at a Shakey's Pizza in 1978, and this comes on aNd one of my friends was fl
Paul C.

TELL US NOW. Hey, remember Let's Hear it For the Boy by Deniece Williams? Jorie S. sure does. It takes her back to every bar mitzvah I went to for
Jorie S.

TELL US NOW. One song takes Michel S. right back to driving a tank in the Army. It's the Speed Racer theme SOnG. TWO officers in the turret would sing
Michel S.

TELL US NOW. Chris W. used to crank The Touch' by Stan Bush. (From the 1986 animated Transformers.) I thought it was hardcore when I was young and
Chris W.

TELL US NOW. Most of us probably remember ouR childhood lullabies. AMES TAXLOR CAT MOON sa2et Baby lames STEVENS SHADOW Hope B.'s were SweeT Baby Jam
Hope B.

TELL US NOW. Beautiful Day by U2 made Kevin C. weirdly hopeful. I had just failed two subjects for the first time in my life and would be forced to
Kevin C.

TELL US NOW. The Thong Song by Sisqo takes Allison B. right back to her tweens. Nothing like a bunch of twelve- year-olds grinding along with a sup
Allison B.

TELL US NOW. Africa by Toto takes Jamin H. on a mind trip. The song came free with the station wagon his family used to move across the country. Wh
Jamin H.

TELL US NOW. Steven C. heard the melodious strains of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen... .. while he was having a colonoscopy.
Steven C.

TELL US NOW. I'm Destroying The World by Guttermouth takes Patrick W. back to his first real punk show. Hd RO lack Recor Specifically, it takes him
Patrick W.

TELL US NOW. Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar isn't a great memory for Jeanine Zz. It was my 8th grade dance, and I finally got to dance w
Jeanine Z.
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