We Almost Got To See Prince In The Fifth Element

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We Almost Got To See Prince In The Fifth Element
If production on The Fifth Element (1997) hadn't stalled due to funding issues, we would have had a MUCH different movie in 1992. Most notably, sexual icon and space podcaster Ruby Rhod:
Chris Tucker absolutely nailed the role of Ruby Rhod, The Fifth Element's flamboyant futuristic Twitch streamer: But Tucker almost didn't get the job
It almost went to Jamie Foxx. In a Reddit AMA, director Luc Besson said: the two finalists were Chris Tucker and Jamie Foxx. Jamie was amazing, but he
But it was specifically designed for none other than Prince. According to Besson, Valerian_Movie 648 points 3 years ago It was written for Prince. I m
After Prince's death, Besson tweeted this original concept art by Jean Paul Gaultier. Luc Besson @lucbesson Prince by @JPGaultier. He was supposed to
Prince thought the costumes were too effeminate. Designer Jean Paul Gaultier was baffled by that. CRACKED.COM
There was also an issue with the language barrier. As Gaultier- a very French man- was describing the costume, he repeatedly said faux cul! (fake a
So Prince turned down the role. And he wasn't the only star to do sO. We almost had this very 90's cast: MEL GIBSON JULIA ROBERTS THE FIFTH ELEMENT Th


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