Tupac was incredibly prolific in his lifetime - rapper, actor, activist, and '80's shopping mall model.

The ad itself is a beautiful time capsule: acid wash jeans, a beret, a matching sock/jacket combo, all in a very bold color palette. And is that Johnny 5's head in the locker? It all looks like a Trapper Keeper's lucid dream.

But how did Tupac get mixed up in this? And does anyone else in that picture look oddly familiar?

Why is teenage Tupac in a goofy ad for a mall in Baltimore? Over 100 great stores ond eating ploces conerlenty locate ot thae Mondlowmnin METRO stoo m

It's from his days as a theatre student at the Baltimore School for the Arts. Tupac Shakur

He was only there for 2 years, but possessed a magnetism that defied logic. He got into jazz, ballet, and poetry, and frequently rap battled. Ironic

He was considered a legitimate rising star by classmates and faculty. Some friends still think the Tupac we know was actually a role that he lost hims

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In 1988, after his Junior year, Tupac moved to California to support his mom and sister. That cut his thespian training short, but it ultimately allow

How Did Tupac Get Into That Goofy Mall Advertisement?

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