Technology can be confusing. Just ask anyone over 60. They often won't touch the stuff, even when it could make their lives immeasurably easier. There seems to be a point where a lot of people go, “Yeah, that's enough, I don't feel like learning how to use whatever shiny keys you're waving at me right now.”

But there are some people you just expect to get tech right, or at least have a base understanding of how it works. Like, if you're going to present yourself as an authority on tech, then don't come off like you think we're still in the Golden Age of the Telegraph. Know how stuff actually functions doesn't seem like a huge ask, especially when most of this information can easily be researched.

We don't always expect Hollywood to get everything right, and often times we're willing to suspend our disbelief -- but sometimes it's hard to not notice the idiot logic being presented on the screen.

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