Tell Us Now: Celebs Who Need A Social Media Break

It's fine NOT to post on social media. Fine, and encouraged.
Tell Us Now: Celebs Who Need A Social Media Break

We live in the social media era, and celebrities are in a weird position of needing to show up on sites like Twitter or risk becoming irrelevant. But it's also something not everyone is good at. There's a reason there are entire firms dedicated to public relations. So it's inevitable that a lot of tweets and posts by famous people aren't especially well thought-out. So here's our modest proposal: Take a small break. We're not asking celebs to leave Twitter forever. Just let someone else have the spotlight for a minute.

We asked our fans on Facebook which specific celebrities are most in need of a breather from social media. Here's what they told us.

TELL US NOW. Mark H. would really, really like to hear less from Mark Zuckerberg. He says Zuckerberg can save his half-assed platitudes about 'studyi
Mark H.
TELL US NOW. Marnina D. really thinks Elon Musk should take a social media break. TE He posts disinformation and has thousands of fanboys/girls who b
TELL US NOW. Tom H. thinks PAT Sajak should probably stick to game shows. His Twitter feed is peppered with hot takes questioning shelter-in-place gui
Tom H.
TELL US NOW. Nikola P. thinks Novak Djokovic should stick to tennis. His request: Please, Nole. You're an expert in hitting the tennis ball, not nutr
TELL US NOW. Adam E. wishes Jason Momoa would rethink his Insta handle. Momoa posts a lot of positive stuff about racial equality on Instagram, but i
Adam E.
TELL US NOW. Denise K. needs a break from Mike Rowe's takes on employment. pla No, man, she says. Not everyone can be a welder, or electrician. Our
Denise K.
TELL US NOW. Jim M. could use a breather from Slipknot's Corey Taylor. As a heavy metal fan it would be great to go just one day without seeing a 'Co
Jim M.
TELL US NOW. Lacey T. is sick of getting bad advice from Jenny McCarthy. Jenny's pretty well-known for sharing dangerous misinformation about vaccines
Lacey T.
TELL US NOW. Guido F. doesn't want Us to forget about Shapiro, Jones, and Limbaugh. Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh ... keep peddling falsehoo
Guido F.
TELL US NOW. Melinda A. thinks Alyssa Milano should take a break from sharing. She contradicts herself and is a fake ally ... She's helping no one.
Melinda A., Tim R.
TELL US NOW. Emily L. wouldn't mind if Alicia Silverstone took a break from social media. SP Especially if it'd mean fewer tweets about how she takes
Emily L.
TELL US NOW. Christine P. thinks Ellen needs a serious Twitter time-out. Between her poorly-worded support of the BLM protests and tone-deaf whining a
Christine P.
TELL US NOW. Brian M. is tired of being lectured by privileged celebrities. Specifically, he wants to call out Every single celebrity that flies in o
Brian M.
TELL US NOW. Robert B. figures we can fire James Woods from posting on Twitter. He explains: The position of moderately famous right wing conspiracy
Robert B.
TELL US NOW. J.K. Rowling's tweets are making Ellen T. question her fandom. Rowling's takes on trans women are souring her on the fantasy series. Har
Ellen T.
TELL US NOW. But the overwhelming reply to this question was the obvious one. Nine out of ten readers agree: It's time for someone to change the presi
The Readers
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