Tom Nook's Deep, Dark Secret (Nintendo Is Keeping Hidden)

Tom Nook's Deep, Dark Secret (Nintendo Is Keeping Hidden)
If you're getting into Animal Crossing for the first time with New Horizons, Tom Nook is the very first animal you meet. If you're a longtime fan, he's like an old friend. Either way, he's someone you can trust, right?

It turns out, he's been carrying around a gigantic secret this whole time...

If you've ever played Animal Crossing, you know Tom Nook ...or perhaps you only think you do. CRACKEDCO Originally a shopkeep, he's been promoted in N

In the American version, they call him a raccoon. But Tom Nook is actually a tanuki. Tanuki are Japanese raccoon dogs. In folklore, they can shapeshif

Oh, and those pranks usually involve their enormous scrotums. Here's a closer look at that last image: Is this how you catch a coelacanth? I'm despera

Some more scrotal antics, as depicted in 1842 woodblock prints: If you think something may be a scrotum... 8? mfn o  e's a scrotum.

Tom Nook's Deep, Dark Secret (Nintendo Is Keeping Hidden)

Canonically speaking, Tom Nook is absolutely packing those slacks. CRACKED c He could shake you down for those 000 bells he lent you, using nothing bu
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