If you're getting into Animal Crossing for the first time with New Horizons, Tom Nook is the very first animal you meet. If you're a longtime fan, he's like an old friend. Either way, he's someone you can trust, right?

It turns out, he's been carrying around a gigantic secret this whole time...

If you've ever played Animal Crossing, you know Tom Nook ...or perhaps you only think you do. CRACKEDCO Originally a shopkeep, he's been promoted in N

In the American version, they call him a raccoon. But Tom Nook is actually a tanuki. Tanuki are Japanese raccoon dogs. In folklore, they can shapeshif

Oh, and those pranks usually involve their enormous scrotums. Here's a closer look at that last image: Is this how you catch a coelacanth? I'm despera

Some more scrotal antics, as depicted in 1842 woodblock prints: If you think something may be a scrotum... 8? mfn o  e ...it's a scrotum.

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Tom Nook's Deep, Dark Secret (Nintendo Is Keeping Hidden)

Canonically speaking, Tom Nook is absolutely packing those slacks. CRACKED c He could shake you down for those 000 bells he lent you, using nothing bu


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