The Dark Secret Of Being A Mom In A Pixar Movie

What's the big, juicy secret behind the moms of Pixar?
The Dark Secret Of Being A Mom In A Pixar Movie

Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Being a Pixar mom? That goes to another odd level. 

Pixar has brought an inestimable amount of joy into people's lives. Where would the world and Tim Allen be without the Toy Story movies? Actually, Tim Allen would have been fine, but you know what we mean: Pixar has really fulfilled its promise.

Except when it hasn't.

As we've pointed out before, Pixar has its share of dark, disappointing lessons to teach us. But those kings of continuity have hidden one more big, juicy secret just beyond the veil. As it turns out, all across the Pixar universe... becoming a mom makes you thick as hell.

So, yeah, the aim here isn’t to ruin Moms of the Pixar universe for you, but it is the aim to highlight this kind of ridiculous, yet inscrutable fact. Why oh why did they do this? We don’t know, but we know for sure that’s totally a weird thing. Read on and draw your own conclusions.

The Dark Secret Of Being A Mom In A Pixar Movie
Exhibit A: Andy's mom (Toy Story) taking out the trash with that dump truck. Exhibit B: Jill Andersen CInside Out) taking Bing Bong to the moon. Exhib
Even these ancillary moms are suspiciously thicci Go off, Sheri Squibbles! Shake that tail, Remy's mother! And might I say, Minny... vroom vroom
But the Queen of Cheeks, the plumpest rumpus, the all-time biggalest jiggalest, has to be... CRACKED CO COM The Queen. My queen. OUR queen.


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