Off-Brand Performances By Famous Performers

Sometimes performers do a 180.
Off-Brand Performances By Famous Performers

Let's say you're a budding actor that landed a landmark role for your career. It's so good that it defines you for several years, either through various movie sequels or multiple seasons of a television show. Then that show or movie franchise ends, either due to the fact that all the story that could be told was told or it was canceled. Now you have the opportunity to stretch your acting muscles with something different which causes audiences to go BERSERK!

This happens multiple times for child actors who grow into adults and character actors who have been pop culture icons. It's a big ask and a big risk for an audience to accept Captain Jean-Luc Picard as a Neo or Hermione Granger as a party girl. But you know actors… act. You can't be that same character forever, right?

Read on to see what roles established actors took on that go against the grain.

CRACKED COM EMMA WATSON WENT FROM NERD TO AIRHEAD. You saw her grow up as top student Hermione Granger. So if yOu watch The Bling Ring, you'll be surp
STEVE CARELL CAN PLAY VERY DIFFERENT KINDS OF BOSSES. The Office's Michael Scott is bumbling and oblivious, but ultimately a good guy completely unlik
CRACKED co FRED SAVAGE HARASSED HIS BROTHER'S (FICTIONAL) GIRLFRIEND. The Wonder Years' Kevin Arnold is the purest character to bless our TV screens.
MELISSA MCCARTHY HAS BEEN KNOWN TO GET VERY SERIOUS. If you see McCarthy On screen, YOU prepare for things to get funny, like in Bridesmaids. You don'
CRACKED co ROBERT ENGLUND LOOKS REALLY FRIENDLY WITHOUT MAKEUP. There's nothing about Freddy Krueger that doesn't scream thus guy will rip your guts
CRACKEDC CLANCY BROWN SOMETIMES GETS TO PLAY GOOD GUYS. Brown plays villains like nobody else. No one was ever as happy to be evil as his Kurgan in Hi
CRACKED COM ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY WENT THE OPPOSITE OF FAMILY-FRIENDLY. In the '60s, she magically wiggled her nose as the wholesome witch Samantha i
WILL ARNETT AS A CARING GUY? IT HAS HAPPENED! In NBC'S Up All Night, Arnett played Chris, a supportive husband and loving stay-and-home dad. Yup, that
CRACKED COM JULIE ANDREWS IS CLASSY EVEN AS AN ANCIENT MONSTER. Mary Poppins has magical powers, SO it isn't SO much of a stretch for Andrews to play
JOHN WAYNE WAS AN ALL-AMERICAN ICON MOST OF THE TIME. If you think of John Wayne, you think of rugged cowboys. But in The Long Voyage Home, the Duke t
PETER FALKSOMETIMES UPHOLDS LAW AND ORDER, SOMETIMES HE REBELS. You know Falk as the unassuming Lieutenant Columbo. But do you recognize him behind th
BILLY DEE WILLIAMS DOESN'T ALWAYS LOOK AIS CONFIDENT AS LANDO. Years before he was the smooth-talking Lando Calrissian, Williams played real-life foot
PATRICK STEWART IS TERRIFYING AS A NEO-NAZI. Stewart seems tailor-made for compassionate, wise leaders like Charles Xavier or Jean-Luc Picard. But in
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